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So a little about me, my name is Jen and I think I might have to admit to being in my mid 20's this year . I'm doing a full time PhD at the moment in global vegetation modelling, this is broadly related to climate change science and that's all I'll say on here as I don't want to bore people. I'm about half way through the PhD and slowly starting to realise that I'll actually have to grow up and go and get a real job soon. I only bake for fun at the moment as it seems to help keep me sane whilst working on my PhD thesis and my partner enjoys sampling my new creations. Whenever I get stuck with my work I start day dreaming about things that I can bake. I have some of my own recipes on here but most of the things I'll be writing about will be from my ever expanding collection of books and magazines.

I first learnt to bake with my Mum when I was younger and remember always nibbling at pastry scraps or helping to lick the bowl out whenever she was doing any baking. When I was a teenager I had a go at making the Christmas cake which turned out nearly as good as my Mum's and then got roped into making it for a couple of years in row after that. It was good practice as I have been making my own for me and my partner for the past 6 years.

I didn't bake much after leaving home whilst studying for my undergraduate degree apart from some brownies and a couple of simple birthday cakes. I started making my own bread a couple of years ago mainly out of necessity as money was a bit tight and I worked out that it was actually cheaper to make my own and it tasted better. I really got the baking bug for making more cakes last year when I started buying Baked & Delicious magazine and collecting the bakeware as well as watching the Great British Bake Off on TV. I then moved into a house with a bigger kitchen 6 months ago and since then I've been baking more than ever and then decided it was time to share my creations with a wider audience. The blue units in my kitchen inspired the name of this blog. 

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